Meet the Metahaplome

   Sam Nicholls    One Comment    AU-PhD, Status Report

Yesterday, I gave a talk at the Aberystwyth Bioinformatics Workshop on the metahaplome: a graph inspired structure for encoding the variation of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) observed across aligned sequenced reads. The talk is unintentionally lightning after I realised I had more slides than time and that I was all that stood between delegates and the pub, but it seemed to provide a good introduction to some of my work so far:

As a semi-interesting aside, I activated the workout mode on my Fitbit shortly before heading up to the podium to deliver my talk. My heart rate reached a peak of 162bpm and maintained an average of 126bpm. I was called to the stage ~5minutes into the “workout” where one can observe a rise and peak in heart rate before a slow and gentle decrease in heart rate as I become more comfortable during the talk and questions:

Fitbit Workout Graph during ABW2016 Talk