Quick fix for Crashplan Linux segfault

   Sam Nicholls    No Comments yet    Devops, Mysteries
If, like me, you are still tolerating Crashplan as your backup solution, it’s likely because it is one of the only companies that make backing up from Linux straightforward (even if they did shaft all their home customers and force them onto business accounts). However part of the Linux Crashplan experience appears to be encountering – from time to time – that the backup engine has stopped working and the application segfaults on start. The segfault is caused by updating glibc, which as a good administrator you are probably doing by occasionally running update on your package manager du jour. The update borks a standard compiled library that the Crashplan electron app needs, namely libnode.so. It was a pain to work this out because the client’s logging is pretty rubbish. Luckily, the fix turns out to be pretty simple. Just install an electron app that isn’t a pile of garbage; like Github’s Atom editor, then copy its libnode.so to your Crashplan’s directory: Of course, your locations may vary, but this will allow the application to start.