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[text: "why is the RAM gone?", photograph of seriously why is the ram gone?]

[text: “why is the RAM gone?”, photograph of seriously why is the ram gone?]


   Sam Nicholls

My compute cluster is full of eels.

Resident Evil

   Sam Nicholls

Resident Evil: A team of amnesiacs is deployed to an underground research facility to investigate failure to follow lab biosafety directives.


   Sam Nicholls

To whoever made the decision of allowing the ‘@’ symbol to appear in quality scores in FASTQ files, I will get you for this.


   Sam Nicholls

I love the holidays. I actually get working time on the compute cluster.

First Post

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Having spent quite some time ruminating over the contents of this inaugural blog post to a point beyond that of analysis paralysis, I have managed to avoid writing entirely. Thus I’ll remove this pedestal of preclusion and begin with an uninspiringly titled First Post. Hello, I’m Sam Nicholls; one of the latest PhD students to […]