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Duplicate definition error with GATK PrintReads and MalformedReadFilter

   Sam Nicholls    One Comment    Tools

This afternoon I wanted to quickly check whether some reads in a BAM would be filtered out by the GATK `MalformedReadFilter`. Turns out that GATK is pretty unforgiving if you forget that filter is automatically applied by `PrintReads`.

The Tolls of Bridge Building: Part IV, Mysterious Malformations

   Sam Nicholls    3 Comments    Sanger-QC

Following a short hiatus on the sample un-improvement job which may or may not have been halted by vr-pipe inadvertently knocking over a storage node at the Sanger Institute, our 837 non-33 jobs burst back in to life only to fall at the final hurdle of the first pipeline of the vr-pipe workflow. Despite my […]