A pretend biologist’s guide to running a PCR (polymerase chain reaction)

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I wrote a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) protocol for somebody who has never held a pipette before. Prepare to spend all day pipetting colourless liquids into a tube, only to find that it all didn’t work anyway.

An idiot’s guide to Python documentation with Sphinx and ReadTheDocs

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This is the third occasion that I’ve come to set up a Python package’s documentation. It is also the third occasion where I’ve spent many hours and commits trying to work out how I made everything work last time. So for my future sanity and possibly yours, here’s a quick guide on setting up Sphinx-based, ReadTheDocs-hosted Python documentation.

Using fail2ban to mitigate simple DOS attacks against apache (or why I am a terrible sysop)

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Earlier this afternoon, my server was upset. Here’s what happened, how it took so long to find out, and how I will try and stop it happening again. In particular, I provide configuration for a `fail2ban` jail to try and stop simple DOS, that actually works.